in a world full of spoons & forks we dared to be
The Spork Philosophy
A spoon is strategic and a fork is creative, yet -

WIT is spork!

Spoons and Forks are good at what they do - but why make the choice? Dare to be different. Get the best of both worlds. 

We are a strategically creative marketing agency that not only has ground-breaking plans that are backed up with research but also possess a special touch of spontaneity to deliver unbeatable brand communication.

Our Services
Digital Marketing

On average, people spend 4.2 hours a day on social media. That’s 4.2 hours of marketing time!

Wit can help your brand set up an excellent digital media strategy that includes emails, SEO, and social media. This is the perfect way to engage your audience at home. It’s fast, convenient, and effective. Each medium of marketing comes with its own set of rules – and we can bend them to create a lasting expression on the audience!

Communication and Advertising

With all the communication mediums available now – one would think it’s easier to advertise. 


There’s a surplus of words and pictures going around on the internet, on newspapers – not a clear line of communication established that matches the brand’s tone of voice or identity. 

In this chaos, Wit will create a safe haven for connecting your brand to its targeted audience. A clear line of communication is important so that the audience knows what your brand has to offer.

Digital ads, Instagram reels, newsletters – it will all go straight from us to your audience. No roadblocks.

User Experience Design

Calculated and research-backed strategies produce designs that interlink user experience and brand awareness in such a way that it doesn’t lose interest or purpose.

Wit creates mesmerizing and integrated user experience designs for your products and services that keep the essence of your brand at the forefront. Research and teamwork are key here. With the help of your audience identification – we can put together motivations, uses, and functionality requirements that are the core ingredients of any fluid user experience.

Marketing Strategy and campaign

Your goals are our goals. 

It doesn’t matter if your resources are big or small, our job is to maximize them in a way that meets your business goals and position your brand as one that truly understands the consumer experience. 

Starting from scratch, Wit understands that audience identification, targeting, and drawing up a user journey are the core of defining marketing goals. We’re involved from day one to help uncover problems you may encounter on your way to the top.


We specialize in first expressions. 

Your brand is like a person. And we help introduce this person to the world. Everything from design, identity, tone of voice, graphics, and aesthetic to the website, packaging, and promotional materials. 

Constituting the who, what, when, where, and how of your brand is the first step towards establishing a brand strategy – and from then on, we create a first and last expression that is true to your company’s values.

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